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Mabula’s New Star Attractions

We were thrilled when the female cheetah in the Mabula Private Game Reserve gave birth to three beautiful cubs in October 2016. Not wanting to compromise the den site or annoy the naturally protective mother too much meant that pictures of these little creatures were few and far between. In larger Big Five reserves cheetah cubs tend to have a higher mortality rate, as they are often attacked by lion or spotted hyaena. As the Mabula reserve is divided into two sections, and the lion and cheetah populations are kept separate, these cubs have the chance to grow up in a relatively safe environment.

The cheetah cubs have proven to be extremely hard to track and document as they are still very camera shy and hide whenever they see a vehicle or person.

Sightings, although still very rare, are becoming more frequent with guides and reserve managers keeping an eye on their growth and development. As they start to become more adventurous we are anticipating some great opportunities for guests to observe and photograph them. It is wonderful to be able to watch how these endangered animals learn and grow each day. Under the expert – and patient – tutelage of their mother they should become incredible hunters in their own right.

These cheetah cubs are just one example of how Mabula is contributing to conservation initiatives across South Africa, as well as providing the ideal bush retreat for human beings.