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Returning from a brilliant safari filled with a variety of bird life and wildlife.
Guests can enjoy fun activities like a horseback safari where one can move around quietly among the wildlife.
Up close and personal with the Eland on a Horseback Safari.
Gearing up for the Horseback safari.


Horseback Safaris / Trail

Horseback Safaris offer a different perspective for wildlife viewing.  Benefit from the height and mobility offered from being mounted that sets this opportunity aside from other activities.

Experienced Guides ensure that riders are aware of the necessary safety precautions.  Long trousers and closed shoes are recommended.

This activity is at an additional cost.

  • Departure Times Summer: 06h00 | 09h00 | 16h00
  • Departure Times Winter: 07h00 | 10h00 | 15h00
  • Age restrictions: Below 5 years not permitted

Eco Adventure Trails (Quad Bike Safaris)

Participate in an adventure over interesting trails on a Quad Bike.  With the emphasis on safety, guides ensure that participants are wearing the necessary safety gear before exploring the reserve.  The safari is undertaken on 250cc Suzuki Quad bikes that can be driven in manual or automatic.

This activity is at an additional cost.

  • Departure Times Summer: 07h00 | 10h00 | 15h00 | 17h00
  • Departure Times Winter: 08h00 | 11h00 | 14h00 | 16h00
  • Age restrictions: Below 5 years not permitted