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Guides News – May 2018

Misty mornings have begun to fill the valleys and low lying areas of Mabula; gone are the days of setting out on safari with a pair of shorts and short sleeved shirt.

It’s fast becoming a time of blankets, hot water bottles, the steam of a male lions roar and the huddle of bee-eaters over the horizon on Mabula Private Game Reserve plains. Indeed winter is fast approaching and what a refreshing time it is.

Madjuma lions continue to fill the cool morning and evening air with deep bellowing roars as they lay claim to the Madjuma of Greater Mabula Private Game Reserve. Cheetah’s sightings continue in strength and the sheer abundance of wildlife is still plentiful as the herbivores maximize the nutritional benefit they can get from the still-green grasses before all their nutrients return to the roots and soil…

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