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If you look up the dictionary definition of ‘perception’ you will discover the following:
“The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses”.

When it comes to the ” is-the-glass-half-full-or-half-empty” scenario, the glass is most certainly always 100% full at Mabula Game Lodge.

A visit to this well-established game lodge, only 2.5 hours from either Johannesburg or Pretoria is the perfect opportunity to once again enjoy the great outdoors, while following all the correct health and safety guidelines and protocols that have been put in place by our Government. Mabula Game Lodge is a totally immersive experience for new and returning guests.

From the moment that you are welcomed by staff at the entrance, where the protocols start, you will be treated with a passion that is one of the hallmarks of the staff at this family-friendly lodge.

Treat the drive from the main gate to the lodge reception like a mini safari and you might be amazed at what you might see along the way. Our cheetah can often be found along this road, so keeping a wary eye open and a camera handy is always a great idea.

At the main reception, instead of having to check-in manually, you can do it all electronically, keeping the interaction with touched items to a minimum. Even though the lodge has a check-in app, our human touch will always be present in the form of our front-of-house staff, now ensconced behind sheets of acrylic for their safety and yours.

In the dining room, the chef and his staff, also protected, will serve you food, either inside, where social distancing is maintained, or out on the deck, under shady umbrellas.

The refurbished rooms have a spectacular look and feel and the chosen colour palette and soft furnishings make the accommodation feel light and airy. Not only have the rooms been refurbished, but all the room numbers have also been upgraded with brand new state of the art laser cut signage, adding yet another updated touch to the lodge.

Seeing that it is, after all, a game lodge, the early morning and late afternoon drives are almost compulsory for those who have been hankering for a bush visit since March.

But if being pampered is what you are after, then a visit to the Spa that can be found next to the sparkling swimming pool is the ideal way to get rid of all your lockdown blues.

But at the end of the day, it is all about the expectations and perceptions of the guests that will make their time at Mabula Game Lodge all the more memorable. Social distancing has become the norm in the bar, allowing guests to enjoy a drink while awaiting dinner.

Arrive with no expectations and you will be impressed by the service levels that are on offer. And if you extend those expectations to your time in a game viewer, then your enjoyment levels will soar. It is not always about dangerous/iconic species like the Big 5, but also those animals, birds, and insects that are often overlooked in the rush to tick of the species that have teeth and claws.

If you decide to spend some time in camp, keep a lookout for the variety of antelope, birdlife, and the plethora of Dassies that can be found in and around the accommodation.

And while in camp, pay a visit to the curio shop that will tantalize visitors with items that can be purchased as a reminder of your time at the lodge.

Aside from being enjoying breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Superette also stock a variety of savory snacks and sweet treats and cooldrinks to keep visitors happy between meals.

Your stay at Mabula is valuable and our staff will help you best utilize the time that you have to maximize your enjoyment and experience while you are with us.